painting: how I get through a dry spell

Lately, when I’ve been going to paint, or even just to draw or watercolor in my sketchbooks, I feel overwhelmed and not very creative. My time to paint is so limited because I’m also a full-time journalist. There’s nothing worse than feeling too tired to be creative in the few precious hours I have to make art at night and on the weekends. So when that happens I tend to turn to street art. There’s something about it — the uninhibited creativity, the huge scale, the colors — that opens up my head space. I was looking at Brazilian street art online yesterday and found L7Matrix’s art for the first time. It resonates for me in this moment in time — his hummingbirds are beautiful and colorful and there’s this chaos about them but also a peace. L7M says on his Facebook page that his first love was Rayonism, which the Tate describes as “an early form of abstract art characterized by interacting linear forms derived from rays of light.” His other influences include Modigliani, Van Gogh, Caravaggio, Picasso, John James Audubon, and Mark Rothko. Let me know what you think of L7M’s art if you get a chance, or who your favorite street artist is.

xo loveland


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