i have a little obsession…

Notre Dame top

The tops of buildings.

It started when I was very little. On road trips. Curled up with blankets and surrounded by stuffed animals and my five siblings in the back of our family car. Being a middle kid, I never nabbed a window seat so my view from the epicenter of the vehicle was generally of stuff higher up – friezes, cornices, rooftop decks and gardens, eaves, keystones, clerestories, mansard roofs… a world above of architectural intrigue and beauty.

I hope you enjoy these pics of some of my favorite building tops shot during my summer in France.

Paris rooftops

Tour Saint-Jacques

Montauroux Fr

Eglise Saint Barthelemy

Photos (from top to bottom): Cathédrale de Notre Dame de Paris; Paris rooftops; Tour Saint-Jacques, Paris; View, Cote d’Azur, southern France; Eglise Saint Barthelemy, Cote d’Azur. All photos by Loveland Art, 2015.


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